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Industry liaison office (ILO) NUS.

As the technology management, translation and commercialisation arm of NUS, ILO provides funding, connections and expertise to students, researchers and professors, to translate their innovations into the marketplace regardless of the commercialization approach being a spin-off company or partnering established industry players.

ILO is located at Innovation 4.0 Building, 3 Research Link #05-01, Singapore 117602.

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There are a few ways to work with NUS, as outlined below:

  • If both parties are interested to further develop or translate existing technology/patent and aim to raise the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) or scale up the technology, a Technology Development Agreement (TDA) can be the option.
  • If you have a registered business entity and would like to commercialize or evaluate the performance of our technology, we welcome dialogues to explore development or licensing arrangements.
  • For professionals who are interested in deep-tech start-ups, we offer opportunities to access the pool of NUS Intellectual Property (IP) via the Technology Access Programme (TAP).
  • If you are interested to invest in NUS’ spin-off, we are pleased to link you up with the representatives from the spin-off.

Yes, on top of the technologies published on this site, there are many more technologies in the development pipeline. Just drop us a note, we’ll get back to you.

If you find our technologies of interest either to plan a commercialization pathway, or evaluate the performance of the technology before making further considerations of a commercialization plan, drop us a note here.

Generally, we offer Commercial Licenses to entities which are keen to commercialize the technology, and Evaluation Licenses for the purpose of technology performance evaluation. Both types of licenses could be either exclusive or non-exclusive.

License terms and conditions vary from case to case, and highly depend on the technology type. Typically, financial terms of licenses of deep technologies include both upfront payment and annual royalty; while that of industry design or software can be a one-time payment only.

Opportunities are open to all registered business entities.